Open Forum Day…Questions and Answers

March 4, 2007

Hey everybody, I hope your week was as good as mine!

Before I start I have an announcement to make. Starting tomorrow and every Sunday there will be a post on “ethics and morality” in sales and management. A much needed topic. So remember, every Sunday will be “ethics and morality” day!

Okay lets start with some questions. I am sure you realize that I cannot possibly answer everybody’s questions. I try and pick the cream of the crop or at least some of the most interesting ones. One of our faithful readers Glenn had a couple of questions that, because of his newness in sales, I thought I would address. The first one Glenn wanted to know was why he felt so “great and invincible” after a sale? I discussed this in an earlier posting and it is very easy to understand. Whether it be sales, basketball, bowling or anything that is achievement based, when one makes that shot or gets that strike or closes that sale, not only is your adrenaline flowing at a higher than normal rate, but you did everything almost perfect to achieve that accomplishment. Why wouldn’t you feel great and be on top of the world. That is why in sales it is imperative to immediately find someone else to talk to right after the sale so you have a much better chance to succeed. It is no coincidence that after a basketball player makes a shot the team tries immediately to feed him the ball and get him another shot. His chances for success are much greater. So are yours!

Glenn also wanted to know how to get rid of nervousness in front of groups of people. The example he used was doing a solo in front of about 40 people. Well the one sure way of getting rid of nervousness in anything is the formula for acquiring self-confidence…by the way that is another one of the “8 basics of success” and soon I will be spending a couple of weeks going over all of the 8 basics. Very valuable information. For now Glenn, the best quick fix I can give you is mingle with the audience before you go on and make some friends. While you are doing your solo, focus your eye contact on those people. Even if you suck! Because they like you they at least will be compassionate with their response. Sorry Glenn, that’s the best I can do on such short notice. Good luck I’m sure you’ll do just fine!

Chris had two great questions, in fact he is the winner this week for the free gift for the best question of the week. Chris wanted to know how he could get his body language, posture and voice inflection all in sync. Chris, I am not as big as you but I have trained a lot of people much bigger than you and before I give you the solution I want you to know that the good news is you recognized that your small talk is your strength. We have a lot to work with here. What I recommend is that you smile a lot, slow down and with your sense of humor practice making the jokes on YOU! In other words, practice the art of poking fun at yourself and people will automatically be drawn to you. In regards to the posture and voice inflection, what I did and found to be very helpful was practice in front of a mirror. What a difference it made. With technology available today you can even video your practice sessions and you will be amazed at what you see.

Chris, your next question was exciting and I can’t wait to help you with it but I need more information. Chris is getting out of the Navy… and by the way, THANK YOU for your service to our country… and he has an opportunity of a lifetime in a management position with a sales company. He wants to succeed but only has a month to prepare himself. Chris, my 1st piece of advice is to STOP what you are doing and take a deep breath. Even though your mentor is gone until April, “The Specialist” is here daily to guide you through all of your problems. Even when your mentor gets back “The Specialist” will be a form of continuing education in sales and management. DON’T read all those books! Consistency is one of the most important things in management. I will recommend three books, all very short that I based all of my management expertise on since 1985. If you will e-mail me I will forward the names of these three treasures. Please keep me updated on your progress, I will be anxiously awaiting the news.

The next question came from someone listed as N/O, and they wanted to know how to live under the expectations of peers and employers. Easy, be true to yourself! Set your own realistic goals and attack them. If you do this not only will you live up to your own expectations but you will surpass anyone else’s. The 1st person you have to please is YOURSELF!

Rhea wanted to know how to feel comfortable with small talk and not worry about offending someone. Good question Rhea. When you are just learning you just very well might offend someone. Show me anyone that is doing something for the very 1st time that has never made a mistake! Impossible. We have all done it. What I can tell you is that if you really focus on the individual that you are speaking with they will always drop clues. For instance, if it is their hair they may be playing with it. If it is their nails they may position their hand almost in a pose type position. If it’s their physical conditioning they may wear a shirt that personifies their pecks or biceps. I think you get the idea. Their is a lot involved in becoming a professional salesperson. People that have watched me sell think it is so easy until they try it. They don’t realize that all the things in these blogs I do naturally down to the very last one.

That’s all the time I have tonight, thanks for your questions and comments. Remember, I love hearing your comments and hearing your questions. The success of this blog is predicated on your interest and YOUR involvement. Also remember Sunday is now “Ethics and Morality” in sales and management.

“The Specialist”


One Response to “Open Forum Day…Questions and Answers”

  1. Chris Says:

    For my first question that you answer, you were completely on point. Actually, I already practice self related jokes. It always seems to lighten the mood of the customer. Which is always great. Just like in a romantic relationship, if the other person is laughing, it probably means they are enjoying what you are talking about and they will definitly stick around for more.

    As for my second question, I will get an e-mail over to you as soon as I can.

    I do have one question, to follow up on my second question, about Audio books. How do you feel about these? I have read some research about listening to things while you are asleep and how it can actually increase how much you absorb dramatically.

    Well, thanks again Specialist and I can’t wait to pick your noggin again later in the week.

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