Ethics and Morality

March 4, 2007

Hi everybody!

This is my 1st real Sunday posting and the subject of ethics and morality being the topic was no accident. I have been thinking about this subject for quite awhile because no matter how much I help you in sales and management there is no one lesson more important then INTEGRITY!

From the earliest days of sales back in the day of the snake oil salesman, and the traveling salesman selling magic cures back in the days of the wild wild west, salesman have always carried a little extra baggage of being perceived as silver-tongued fast-talking smoothies that will tell you whatever you want to hear in order to MAKE THE SALE! I think that perception was well-deserved and I, along with thousands of other honorable salesperson’s have committed their lives trying to change that image. It is not easy. But it is the most important contribution you can give back to your profession.

As the next few months go by I will be going into isolated incidents and situations where the crossroads meet and the differences between an honest salesperson or an honest manager become forks in the road and you and only you will have to decide which path you will travel. I hope that with some guidance from “The Specialist” and some great stories you will see the perils of taking the path of least resistance. There will be many character tests along the way and you will have to decide “Pleasing methods or Pleasing results”.

I made that decision years ago and have had to defend it hundreds of times. I am very proud that I withstood “the test of time”. I wish the best for you, and you can count on “The Specialist” to give you all the insight I have to hopefully have you stand shoulder to shoulder with me as we make the biggest contribution possible to the greatest industry on the planet!

“The Specialist”


One Response to “Ethics and Morality”

  1. rhea (ray) Says:

    dear specialist,

    i love my job i work with great people i can turn to when needed and some i just dont know to trust! and that goes with alot of husband and i are looking for a new car/truck! we decied on a car and the car salesman was very nice…he WASN’T puhy in any way and we like that! i wanna know how do i become a great saleswoman without being pushy?? thats one thing i’ve noticed about myself i dont like to push people into something they cant really decied manager always talks about “people walk up want to buy what ever it is your selling…our job is to push them to the side of YES!” how do i get to that point??

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