The Picture Show

March 1, 2007

Hi everybody,

I hope you are enjoying these blogs as much as I am. Today it is about “the picture show”. People only retain about 10% of what you say, so it is most important to bring them to the show! Yesterday those of you that read the blog will note that I stated the presentation was just a formality. The reason that that is true only for those of you that are most advanced is that when “The Specialist” gives a presentation or puts on the “show” everything is as near to perfect as possible. Now what I am going to share with you is way advanced stuff and for you beginner’s and intermediate salesperson’s this will give you a partial idea of how much room you have to grow. Isn’t it exciting!

When I am talking about “the show” I am speaking about the presentation, of course. Realizing that the client is only going to retain 10% of what I have to say, I must provide them with visual aids. Not product visual aids. For every word that comes out of my mouth, my facial expressions match that sentence. If it is funny, I laugh. If I am being sincere, my facial and body language will show sincerity. If I am disappointed, my facial expression will show just that. My face and shoulders and posture is an exact replica of what I am saying. In fact, for training purposes I have given complete presentations without speaking and the trainees could clearly see the picture like a silent movie.

My prospects get to SEE and HEAR the presentation at the same time. They will obviously retain more. By the way, that is the object! This takes hundreds of hours of work and practice. I even take it to another level and my voice inflection, which is by the way another one of the 8 basics of success, and incorporate my voice to match my facial expressions as well. Like I said earlier, this is heavy stuff only for the most advanced sales persons. Beginner’s and intermediate salesperson’s have way too much to learn before attacking this phase of becoming a professional salesperson.

Because I have basically closed the prospect in the small talk, and I am confident that my presentation is flawless, my presentation is simply a formality. The way I knew I was growing as a salesperson was I likened each presentation to a movie premier. At the end of the show my critics would give me their review. If I did not close the sale…well the reviews were not very good. On the other hand If I made the sale the reviews obviously were pretty good. The more consistently I could close the prospect, the better the reviews were. I think the most consecutive presentations I sold in a row was 37…not bad, but I still had room for improvement.

Once you learn how to do this naturally you will become a dynamic person to communicate with. Your friends and family will enjoy listening to you and all those great ideas you have will all of a sudden not go overlooked! I truly believe those faithful readers of this blog are starting to see the depth and training that goes into being a REAL sales professional!

I get excited talking about it!

“The Specialist”


One Response to “The Picture Show”

  1. Chris Says:

    This is a real big area I need work in. I feel that my body language, posture, and voice inflection are not in sinc with the words comming out of my mouth. This goes for not only my presentation, but my greeting aswell. I find it hard to pull a prospect in, even if I know he is a very good potential customer. I’m not shy, and I love to talk to people. It just seems that… maybe I scare people away with the wrong body language or well… I’m not sure haha. How could I improve on this?

    Note- I would be scared too if a 6’4″ scrawny guy like myself acousted me in the middle of a mall.

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