Questions and Answers

February 24, 2007

It is Saturday night and I decided to make Saturdays “open forum day”. Every Saturday my blog will answer any questions I did not address during the week. I will also select the best question during the week and if you leave an e-mail address, “The Specialist” will contact you and send you a special FREE gift! We have some good questions so let’s get started.

Bob wanted to know if everyone was suited for sales or was it about the situation they were in and the management that surrounded them? Great question! First off the simple answer is YES, everyone can be taught to sell. I personally have trained heroin addicts, 79 year old people, 15 year olds, white, black, Asians (that had no command of the English language), shy people, people with speech impediments and even a person whose whole body had been burned and was just one big scale. Male or Female The list goes on. So again the simple answer is yes.

However, I think what the real intent of the question was can anyone be trained to have a career in sales? Based on the philosophy of “The Specialist” the answer is a resounding NO! Like any other profession one must have an aptitude for the position. More importantly, one must possess certain unique qualities like in any other profession, like a love for interacting with people and helping others, a tremendous sense of humor and such passion for the work that they are willing to work on all of the specifics to make it come to fruition. If you don’t have the physical attributes of a world class athlete no matter how much you love sport it’s just not going to happen. Remember, just because you don’t go to school for 8 years for selling it is still one of the most technical professions in the world and takes years to become a TRUE PROFESSIONAL!

The second question is from a regular. JD wants to know if “The Specialist” does any personalized training? Just go to STRANGER AT THE DOOR you will see what’s available. Thanks for asking.

Jeremy has perhaps the most interesting question of the week. Jeremy, if you will leave your e-mail address, you have a free gift coming. Jeremy wanted to know what he could work on each day to improve in sales. To answer your question I believe with all my heart that if you spend each day practicing saying nice things to people and making them feel good about themselves (sincerely), and I mean from the maintenance man on up I feel you will see a dramatic change not only in your relationships with others but also in your salesmanship. It may seem fake at first but soon it will become a habit. I guarantee you will also feel terrific inside. What a feeling! An advanced tip for everyone that reads these blogs is that when you do say something nice about someone BE SPECIFIC!!!. All the amateurs and fakes say things like “Oh you look nice today” Pick something specific out and the recipient will see that you really had to mean it to notice something that specific. It takes work and it is a learned skill that becomes part of your life. Soon you will be on your way to becoming a REAL professional salesperson! I will do my best to try and keep track of you so good luck!

That’s all the time I have tonight. Thanks again for your input.

“The Specialist”


3 Responses to “Questions and Answers”

  1. Peggy Says:

    Dear Specialist,
    What a wonderful way to wrap up your week!I am glad you answered the questions your readers were asking.
    Gee this sure was a fast week!I am looking forward to another informative week!!wonderful job!!!

  2. glenn Says:

    well i don’t know what to write other than this question. Can your beliefs be put above all other things and yet when you stand up for something why do you fell bad about it?

  3. Jeremy Says:

    Thank you for the input. I shall use it to better myself in sales. By the way, your word usage is exceptional. I would love an autographed photo of you, the Specialist. Thank you once again. Have a great day.

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