The ultimate “closing technique”

February 23, 2007

I want to thank everybody for the tremendous participation you have given my blog. Despite what you may think, your replies and comments are an intricate part of what I do. As some people have shared with me, that they cannot wait for my blog each day. I want you to know I wait just as eagerly for your comments and responses. Not only do they give me material for future blogs but I find some to be very inspiring. Thanks again. Since my life has been dedicated to sales and management it is not far-fetched to believe that I talk to quite a few sales persons a day. One subject that keeps coming up is “closes”. It seems that sales persons are fascinated with all the different types of closes. Closes like the 3 point close, the automatic close, the Ben Franklin close, the assumptive close, even to the absurd, the hard of hearing close.

I hear you laughing.

Most sales people think that the close is a certain part of the presentation, normally at the end when they go for the final commitment. “The Specialist” does not agree! The close is not a part of your presentation. It is not an interchangeable part that you plug in and out with different customers. If, and I mean IF, you are a professional salesperson you already know that closing a prospect is a PROCESS! Now this is where the ultimate closing technique varies from level to level. Even the most professional salesperson believes that closing the prospect starts the minute you meet the person until they leave. That’s fine and dandy, however if you are ever to reach the ultimate level you will see that, unlike my peers in the industry, “The Specialist” starts closing the minute I leave the house to work and I don’t stop closing until my car enters my garage at night. You say why? It’s simple even though the lessons weren’t.

I hope we have all come to agree on the fact that a large part of sales is making people like you and making people feel good about themselves. Many times in my career someone I came into contact with during the day whether in a restaurant, gas station, convenient store etc. became my sale later that day, week, or month.

Last month I was in a restaurant and the young waitress really botched my breakfast order. Not once but three times! She just couldn’t get it right. I told her it was fine and left her a nice tip and told her just to keep on and she’d get it. On my way out I told her manager what a wonderful waitress she was and how great the service was. Later that week I was in a business helping a young man make a sale and just as we were at the end of the presentation a young girl came from a room in the back and excitedly shouted to her father who happened to own the business, Daddy, that’s the man I was telling you about that was so nice to me and probably saved my job! Needless to say the sale WAS MADE! Need I say more? What I enjoy the most about being a real closer is that the more I practiced being nice to people and making them feel good about themselves the better I felt, and it became a way of life! That’s why a lot of my friends call me “The Closer”. I leave you with this thought…”So a man thinketh, he becometh.”

“The Specialist”


5 Responses to “The ultimate “closing technique””

  1. j.b. Says:

    The more I read your blog, the more intrigueing it gets. I thought I knew a lot about sales until I ran into you. Now I’m realizing I’ve just scratched the surface. Do you do any one-on-one personalized training?

  2. Ms.T Says:

    When do you actually know if you’re going to close the deal?

  3. J-remy Says:

    What daily techniques should I use to become a better sales person?

  4. glenn Says:

    well i must say that this has beome true only once for me so far, however it undoutedably will happen again to me. in my sales job i sell laptop computers. my friends and family say that i’m a work-aholic, however as you said my job never ends until i’m in bed asleep at night. Thus my story today, i was visiting a friend and when i started myb it was him i practiced on. well a month later i saw him and he asked me about the laptop and told me that he was in the market for one so i told him what he wanted to know and hecame in the next day and buht a laptop from me. so that goes to show you that even thought i’m not on the clck i’m still working hard.

  5. Peggy Says:

    Dear Specialist
    I cannot begin to tell you how much I have enjoyed each and every one of of your blogs!!!
    Not only have I enjoyed them ,but
    made a point of discussing each article at our sales meetings!
    Please keep the STORIES coming….after all,a real pro knows,a story…is worth its weight in gold!
    Its amazing that you can take ,a breakfast out,
    and find a way to turn THAT in to a story!!!!And
    thats why,sir you are the SPECIALIST!!

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