Overcoming Objections

February 22, 2007

Hi everybody,

I was recently giving a class to the top sales persons and sales managers for a National sales company and one of the top sales people asked me how I overcome objections? Well I thought for a minute and simply stated that with that question the salesperson was implying that the prospect and myself were in disagreement about something.

Wrong position to be in! “The Specialist” in his entire career only had to use rebuttals or overcome “objections” when I was a beginner. The last 15 or more years I never had to sell under those conditions. When I am selling a prospect it really is about me listening to them and AGREEING with them in their positions. You would be amazed how receptive people are to YOUR ideas when you take THEIR side on issues that mean something to them. Everybody in life wants to be right. It is a real art form to be able to perfect this technique. Only someone with advanced skills can pull this off and the rewards are GREAT! Not only will this increase your closing percentages but will trickle down into your family life, and your relationship with your wife and children will certainly be enhanced! I as always look forward to your replies and comments.

“The Specialist”


2 Responses to “Overcoming Objections”

  1. j.b. Says:

    Very interesting, and really quite in line with a situation I just experienced with my girlfriend this week. She was offering some strong advice concerning my professional life and later felt that she was perhaps too overbearing or maybe out of line. My response was that, no, you were not overbearing or out of line, and the way I took it was that she was just trying to help out of concern for my best interests. Her response was phenomenal, having expected the worst, and our relationship took on an even greater sense of levity. Bottom line, she appreciated the fact that I gave her credit for having a good idea, and that what she thinks is important. As related to sales or management, how incredibly important is it to relate this message to your clients or employees. My guess is that you end up with a loyal, appreciative partner, whether it be in your personal or professional life!

  2. glenn long Says:

    I don’t have to say much about this this is something that i kind of already knew but didn’t use very often all i can say is that after reading this blog every day i have started to see an improvement in my sales ability as well as from what he says by boss sees it also thank you sir for all the insight you have given me as a very young 20 year old salesman i hope to hear what you have to say tommorrow in the blog until then i leave you wiht this… life is about the choices you make and what you do ith your mistakes.

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