Management tips for beginners

February 22, 2007

I thought I had it today. I was all prepared for today’s blog and then on the way home something happened that made me change courses. I am going to try to address both issues tonight. Lets start with what happened on my way home. My loving wife called me and asked me to pick up some milk at this high end grocery store known for outstanding customer service. Not uncommon when I arrived at the store my wife called again and asked me to also bring home this special kind of band-aid for blisters. I went over to the medical counter and there were tons of band-aids. Well with my old man eyes I enlisted the help of these two bag boys that were nearby and asked for help. With my wife on the phone helping to describe the special band-aids the two young men were unbelievably helpful in our quest. We finally found the elusive product and I thanked the two young men very enthusiastically. After I checked out I saw two women that looked like they were possibly management…I stopped, introduced myself and started to mention the two young men and their above average performance. As soon as I started to talk and mention these boys the lady cut me off, introduced herself as the customer service MANAGER and blurted out “were they acting weird to you”? I was taken back by her response and told her in no uncertain terms that it was not the case at all. Quite the contrary, I found them to be unusually helpful and tremendous ambassadors of their store. The manager’s face turned red and she realized the enormity of her mistake.

The reason this story is under the heading of “Management tips for beginners” is because she broke some of “The Specialist’s” basic fundamentals. 1st, she didn’t listen or even give me a chance to finish my sentence! 2nd, instead of thinking positive of these young men and catching them doing something right, she was all too anxious to TRY and catch them doing something wrong! Remember what “The Specialist” says… To be good in sales you HAVE to be a GOOD LISTENER! And by the way if you are in a leadership role you are selling. Not only yourself. but more importantly the goals you want your team to achieve. It is also a lot easier and a lot more effective to catch people doing things right so you can build their self esteem. It is a fact people perform better for you if you make them feel good about themselves. I will elaborate on this and many other management tips in future blogs.

Now, my good friend, Mr. Anonymous. I agree with part of your comment last night. However, you asked for my thoughts so I am going to tell you. Sometimes we forget our roots. No one just woke up one day and was a great professional salesperson. Never happened. We all learned from someone or many others. Yesterday’s blog in regards to budgeting your money in the sales industry was critical. One of the greatest tragedy’s in the sales industry is that literally thousands of people have gotten out of the industry because no one and I mean no one took the time to teach the hotshot new guy or gal how to prepare themselves for the slower times while their knowledge catches up to their work habits. Most people that have blown out of our great industry refer to sales as “Feast or Famine”. It doesn’t have to be that way. All I try to do is share my knowledge and experiences. Thanks for your comments. Keep them coming.

“The Specialist”


2 Responses to “Management tips for beginners”

  1. Mister~P Says:

    Great information, look forward to reading your daily insight.


  2. glenn Says:

    Well as i sit here and think of what that manager said to you last night i realized as i was waiting in the hospital last night while reading a great management book my boss told me to read it hit me as to why i have left every job i have had and why i nevr did that great at them either. it was because they only wanted to correct you after they show you the whole process. take for example when i was the grill person at a fast food restaurant, that will stay unnamed, i was shown what to do and did it but was left to do it alone then the next day i was put back on the grill for lunch and didn’t know how much meat to put down and it was way to fast for me to handle. as a manager came over to me and told me that i sucked at grill and she was going to keep me there until i got it right i imediately got defensive and we exchanged words.
    later here boss came up to me and said that the manager was coaching me and that i shouldn’t have got defensive to her and they told me to go and apologize. i to this day haven’t apologized to that manager for she was wrong not me.

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