Sales tips for beginners

February 21, 2007

Hi everybody,

I’m pretty excited today and I can’t believe how one of our responders cuffed another one of our responders with his great reply. Even though I have sympathy for the 1st responder I wholeheartedly agree with the response. It was GREAT! But it actually could not have been more appropriate. It personifies the reason for my blogs. Anyone reading the blog could tell the youthful inexperience of one response opposed to the true seasoned professional expertise of the other response. I want to thank everybody for their response and will briefly use this blog to help the youngster with his observation.

The young man thought a downside of the sales industry was if you had a seasonal sales job…I think the example he used was the seafood industry. It could have easily have been the landscaping business, or any number of others. This leads into 2 tremendous learning opportunities, one being financial planning the other motivation! Lets take the 1st one head on.

If you have a seasonal sales job obviously that is your peak time. What a PROFESSIONAL salesperson would do is pay himself a salary doing this time prorated for his cost of living for the entire year. Since it is his peak time of year all the extra money generated would be put in a savings account so he can write himself a check on a weekly basis during the off season. Now to address the off season. If there is a season to sell one product there is also a season to sell another product. That means in addition to his check he is paying himself weekly from his good financial planning he can earn an additional income from his new seasonal job! Now of course that would actually take away the excuse that he is limited because his job is only seasonal! What other industry would give you that kind of flexibility? The sales industry is unique in many ways. One in particular is that YOU and YOU alone control your future as I stated in yesterday’s blog. Once you have become a professional salesperson you figure these things out for yourself and you will conclude that in the sales profession there are no limitations.

“The Specialist”


5 Responses to “Sales tips for beginners”

  1. j.b. Says:

    Very insightful! This will help me greatly when one week I make 1500 dollars and the next week only 300 dollars. This will allow me to budget my money so not only can I pay myself a consistent salary, and pay myself on a slow week, but also it will give me financial security by having savings at the end of the year.

    Thanks Specialist!

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Dear Specialist,

    I am a little disappointed in your blog today.
    Reading about this fella who has to have you tell him how to budget.I certainly understand you are trying to help him,but somthing key is missing! It is more than obvious he lacks the COMMON SENSE that is necessary in our profession.I believe it is possible to have no formal education,but a lot of common sense, and be the best in your field.However,I do not think the reverse applies.
    I have never met a great sales person who did not possess this quality.
    You sir are the specialist,what do you think

  3. glenn long Says:

    I think that even if you have a formal education and not much common sense and still be great. It is essentially the law of equality, in other words you can have A and not B and be great and you can have B and be taught A to be great.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    I have never met a seasoned sales professional that did not have
    a lot of common sense.Common sense CANNOT be taught.How do you balance that?

  5. Comrade Says:

    Your comment that “you and you alone control your future” hits home for me. For far too long I have been a hard and conscientious employee only to wait for promotion on a seniority bases. I have seen far too many capable people rest on their laurels because there was no motivation. In contrast, sales is one of the careers where an individual is directly compensated and promoted on drive, ability and merit! Great tips keep’em coming!

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