Pros and Cons of the Sales Profession

February 20, 2007

Hello everybody,

I left you with a very interesting question yesterday and as I review my blog I noticed one gentleman who described what he thought a salesman was in most eloquent terms.
As you will find in my writings I am usually blunt and to the point. Besides the eloquence of his description I have several problems with it. If you read his response carefully it is all about him! It’s about him knowing all about his product so he can gain their trust and sell them something with ease. In a nutshell I can summarize a “salesman” or a good salesman in three words…”A GOOD Listener”!! In future blogs I will discuss this important concept. I know, not only will your future customers appreciate it but your
wives and girlfriends will REALLY appreciate it!

Now lets get back to today’s subject, “The Pros and Cons of the Sales profession”. I STRONGLY believe that the sales profession is the only business in the world that will
allow you the opportunity to withstand any kind of financial disaster and in no time completely recover and reach unparalleled heights! In today’s society everyone has some sort of fixed income to adjust to, with the exception of the very rich and the very fortunate that have chosen SALES as their chosen field of endeavor. The entire world’s economy revolves around sales. Technically speaking, it is the only profession in the world that every human has dabbled in one way or the other from trying to get a date and selling yourself or job interviews. (you get the point). No matter your station in life, in sales any time you want to give yourself a pay-raise all you have to do is call on one or two more prospects. It is only known by an elite few that a professional salesperson is one of the most highly trained and sophisticated professionals in all the world! “The Specialist” will demonstrate to you over the next few months the depth of this statement. After almost 39 years in the sales industry I find it rare to come across any professional that has more training in their field of endeavor. Besides the independence and self esteem one acquires in the sales industry the power one has when even if an “Enron” debacle happens a salesperson is the only professional that can rebound regardless of age! In most professions they are kicking you out the door at a certain age…In sales you and only you call the shots. Once you become a professional salesperson you will never have to look for a job. They will look for YOU! You will determine the hours you work! You will determine the amount of vacations you take! You will determine your future! I could go on forever about the Pros of a sales career but I think it is the only profession in the world where all you do each day is go out and meet a lot of nice people from all walks of life and exchange ideas. What a blessing! As I am writing this I realize how one-sided this particular blog appears. Well I came up with a great idea. Since my critics would say I’m biased in favor of a career in sales I say lets let you the people blog me with your Con’s on the sales profession and “The Specialist” will respond. How about it, are you ready to be shown the error of your ways?

“The Specialist”


5 Responses to “Pros and Cons of the Sales Profession”

  1. Bob Says:

    I can appreciate your remarks about the flexibility and durability of a strong sales profession, but isn’t it true that some people are just not suited for a sales career, or is it the opposite, that anyone can be trained for sales if they are placed in the right environment?

  2. glenn Says:

    well i think that there are a few domnsides to sales. One in particular is the off seasons in certain localities like my best friend he sells seafood and in our area the winter is dead so what is he to do?

  3. Anonymous Says:


  4. Anonymous Says:

    I think anyone who response with cons to this blog today would have to be an idiot!
    Anyone who is in the sales field who reads this article is probably sitting a lttle straighter,holding their head a lttle higher,and waiting for your next blog!!!!

  5. glenn Says:

    Well I never say that there is no cons to any line of work it doesn’t matter that there is all the pro’s in the world there is always at least on thing that is a con in that line of work no job is perfect. I also do hold my head humbly a little higher and stand a little more up right bt with a GREAT DEAL OF HUMILITY.

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